We are a small, rural school committed to the education and care of all our pupils.  As an integral part of their lives, we feel we provide a happy learning environment where children feel safe, secure and valued. As a staff we work together to foster happy relations between ourselves and our pupils, to create a caring, empathetic and secure community where our young people can develop good relationships based on those they experience.

1. First we are a Catholic School, committed to the Statement of Aims of Catholic Schools, and to the promotion of an ethos throughout the school which reflects the Christian teaching and values of the church.

2. We, here in St.Michael’s, endeavour to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and will encourage the pupils to become aware of their potential – embracing spiritual, emotional and intellectual values in an atmosphere of warmth, tolerance, openness, honesty and understanding.

3. All children are unique and we will strive to cater for the diversity this implies.

4. The Catholic School is a community and we in St. Michael’s hope to develop strong home/school links in order that pupils can benefit from their teachers and parents working in partnership.

5. We aim to encourage in the pupils a sense of self-respect, respect for others and respect for property and the environment.

6. We hope to instill in the children an appreciation of their culture and tradition and to foster tolerance of other traditions and cultures.

7. We aim to make the pupils aware of those less fortunate than themselves and the contribution they can make towards helping others through various charities.

8. Finally, we hope to develop in the pupils an aesthetic appreciation of their local environment and how it can be used to enhance the curriculum.